Uma Thurman Nude ?!

Well, not really. However, when I was but a young video producer, I had this professional magician friend who was totally besotted by Uma Thurman and desired nothing more than to get in her pants. An unlikely prospect, to say the least, and I personally didn’t get the attraction. Granted, I thought she was an incomparably stunning young woman with a unique, classic look about her which brought to mind such vintage actresses as Bette Davis but, with me having been a bit of a chubby chaser at the time with a particular penchant for big boobs, Uma was just too slender and not busty enough for my tastes (erm, until she got her tits, that is).

Well (hmm, I wonder how many paragraphs I can begin with the word “well”?), I was perving my was through some of the most recent galleries at MC-Nudes when I happened upon a girl who, imho, could well be Uma Thurman’s nude body double! Here’s a photo of the real Uma Thurman alongside the image which set my mind reeling off in that particular direction…

Uma Thurman at    Uma Thurman nude body double Amanda at

…the naked girl in question isn’t Uma, though, but a 21-year-old DD-cup blonde named Amanda whose combination of classic, chiselled facial features set atop a beautiful slim & stacked body brought the former to mind. I just wish I still had my Magic mate’s e-mail address so I could forward this blog to him with a cruelly deceptive title like “Uma Thurman Pussy Pics”. Indeed, he’d be totally beside himself until, realising it wasn’t the real Uma, would probably concoct some malevolent manner of wrathful vengeance against me. Eh, it’d be a good practical joke while it lasted, though.

But, all kidding aside, Amanda is a genuinely gorgeous girl in her own right, even without the erotic Uma Thurman fantasy associations (and it’s only now that I’ve at long last come to appreciate women of all shapes and sizes that I can actually see that). And so, in a celebration of imcomparable natural beauty, here’s a bit more of our lovely Uma Thurman naked body double Amanda courtesy of

Uma Thurman nude body double Amanda at    Uma Thurman nude body double Amanda at    Uma Thurman nude body double Amanda at

Uma Thurman nude body double Amanda at    Uma Thurman nude body double Amanda at    Uma Thurman nude body double Amanda at






Btw, if you you care to take a quick saunter over to MyBoobSite’s blog, you can see what it might be like if Uma Thurman had big tits hiding under her trademark yellow latex catsuit as well:

Big Tits Kill Bill

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9 Responses to “Uma Thurman Nude ?!”

  1. MaGnUs Says:

    Yeah, she does have a certain resemblance… and great legs and ass.

  2. K Says:

    *speculates that this was less about pussy and more about seach engine hits. *

  3. Reese Says:


  4. K Says:

    Hey, you get them to read your stuff any way you can, right?

  5. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » Big Tits Kill Bill Says:

    […] A while back, I’d posted a blog erroneously entitled Uma Thurman Nude over on MyVaginaSite because, quite frankly, the girl in the pics honestly reminded me of Uma. Well, I just a moment ago finished editing a photos series which answers the age-old question, “What if Uma Thurman had big tits?” […]

  6. Yummy Says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Uma’s tits!

  7. Sqoozes Says:

    Maybe Umas lost sister.

  8. Reese Says:

    As a side note, I’ve noticed that Uma Thurman’s boobs are bigger in the most recent cleavage revealing photos I’ve seen of her…

    Uma Thurman's Tits Bigger

    …which I believe balances our her ears quite nicely! ;~)

  9. My Boob Site Big Tits Blog » Blog Archive » Dana Hamm on MyBoobSite? It’s up to you… Says:

    […] favourite of all her shoots I’ve seen so far. Modelling herself in the severely sexy style of Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction character, Dana portrays mob mistress Mia Wallace to smoking hot perfection […]

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