The Cervix – Exploring the Innermost Depths of the Vagina via Close-Up Speculum Photos

noun (pl. cervices /serviseez/) 1 the narrow neck-like passage forming the lower end of the womb. 2 technical the neck.
— ORIGIN Latin.
[per The Compact Oxford English Dictionary]

As you’ve probably already noticed, I often rely upon personal experience in order to come up with things to write about in my sundry blogs. While I don’t mind sharing my own secret fantasies, I sometimes get concerned when there are others involved in the stories I tell. How will they react? Will they consider the intimate details I include as an invasion of their privacy? This is why I attempt to make my narratives as anonymous as possible so not to offend the sexy and wonderful people who provide me with the “first-hand” (as it were) experiences that ultimately inspire my blog entries.

There was one story, however, that came to be discovered by the lovely young lady who served as its inspirational subject. Several days after having posted the story, a comment appeared from a girl going by the same name as its heroine which merely read, “That made for very entertaining reading, Reese,” followed by a wink. Summarily shocked, I messaged her immediately to ask if she’d minded. She soon responded that, although it did make her blush quite a bit, she was instead flattered and said that it was wonderful to read my own personal perspective on the experience.

In fact, having encountered her again recently at a party she’d hosted, she’d mentioned having discovered MyVaginaSite and said that I should repeat the story here! And so I shall but, first, a bit of background: This particular intimate incident occurred shortly after a Christmas party we’d all attended. The hour being late and the bar having closed, a bunch of us decided to congregate in one of the hotel rooms so that we could all carry on drinking and socialising. And so, despite the dense population of prospective voyeurs inhabiting this crowded hotel room, here’s what happened…

I was sitting on a bed casually stroking the inner thighs of this stunning 26-year-old girl who had laid down next to me. At length, I let my fingers do the walking up to her crotch and, realising that she wasn’t wearing any panties, I leaned down to ask in a whisper if she was okay with what I was doing. She just smiled, nodded and spread her legs a little farther apart to grant me unfettered access to her naked nether regions. I raised her skirt slightly and leaned over a bit to behold a most beautiful clean-shaven pubic mound.

Moving my hand upwards, I began stroking the tender flesh to either side of her vaginal slit with the backs of my fingers, careful not to brush up against the already swelling labia lips just yet. She clenched her thighs a bit to draw my hand inward, so, not wanting to be branded a mere pussy tease by my new-found fondle friend, I ran two fingertips up the length of her long, wet slit and then lingered for a moment toward the top, rubbing little circles over her rapidly-expanding clitoris erection before brushing back downward to take her pussy flaps between my thumb and forefinger for a gentle massage.

Considering that she was now bucking her hips lightly upward to increase the pressure I was applying, I allowed my middle and ring finger to slowly slide ever further into her waiting, wet vagina with every thrust. Moving my thumb up to her clit, I slid by index finger in to join the others, curving it upward to apply pressure to her g-spot as I probed ever deeper with the other two fingers. Although she was young and tight, her vagina was so well lubricated from the past 20 or so minutes of my manual attentions that I was able to deeply penetrate her with relative ease.

Feeling the pre-orgasmic contractions constricting around my fingers, I laid my head on her belly, raising my thumb from her erect clitoris and replacing it with my tongue to taste the flow of vaginal juices gushing gently from between those swollen lips. Wanting to make the most of her experience, I pressed a trembling middle finger into the tiny doughnut of her cervix, all the while brushing across her g-spot with my curled index finger and flicking her engorged clit with the tip of my tongue. She came magnificently as I closed my lips around her clitoral hood and sucked her dry as the spasms of her orgasm subsided.

Ah, the memories. What struck me the most about this lovely young lady was the utter elegance of her cervix. I had just never encountered a cervical hump that was so smooth, round & perfectly formed, like a little fleshy doughnut treat hidden within the innermost depths of her vagina. As she was cumming, it felt almost as if her pumping cervix was literally sucking my fingertip into itself. It was a most intensely erotic feeling, and one that I’ll not soon forget. Although she was a stunning girl with lovely large breasts and an amazing body, nothing short of a herd of wild elephants couldn’ve torn me away from that perfect pussy.

…funny thing is, I was so totally transfixed by her beautiful cervix that I failed to notice the comings and goings of numerous friends throughout that evening! It was only later that I found myself apologising for having ignored them, me being totally wrapped up in pussy at the time.

Rereading my story, however, I was suddenly struck with the disturbing notion that it might have been inappropriate to say that she had a “beautiful cervix” without having actually seen it, instead relying purely upon touch. In fact, apart from medical illustrations of the female reproductive system, I’d never seen a cervix before in my life! And so, in researching this blog, I set out to correct this blatant oversight, especially considering how useful it is to have a good visual image of the anatomical territory you’re dealing with when probing the innermost depths of your girlfriend’s vagina!

Getting to know the cervix is important for two reasons: 1) At the very back of the vagina surrounding the cervical hump you’ll find an area known as the fornix (hmmm, I wonder if this is from whence the term “fornication” was derived?!) and, in addition to the more commonly known erogenous zones of the G-spot and clitoris, this region – also known as the A-spot (due to the anterior fornix being in closest proximity to where all of the nerve bundles of the genitals converge before ultimately joining up with the spinal column) – can be manipulated to induce a most powerful female orgasm known as the “uterine orgasm”! Oh, and 2), you’ll be well aware upon encountering this curious construct of conical flesh that your girlfriend doesn’t have a small penis lodged up inside of her pussy from some past sexual conquest!!

Although my second reason there was offered totally tongue-in-cheek, the cervix really does somewhat resemble the head of an erect penis when you first feel it with your fingers, especially when you come across the small slit that serves as the entrance to her uterus (as, alas, it would be far too crass to refer to this opening as her “womb-hole”). However, getting to actually see so far into this most inner sanctum of womanhood does pose some difficulty and requires either an endoscopic camera or a gynecological speculum in order to get a clear view of the cervix.

My quest to provide pictures led me to several medical fetish gyno-porn sites, but most of these proved far too disrespectful toward women for me to even consider featuring their content. Then, after five days of dedicated searching, I finally stumbled upon a site called “In The Crack” which, despite the seemingly vulgar name, really impressed me with their overall ethos and respectfulness toward their models…

InTheCrack writes:
While we do show the most graphic private parts views possible, including deep vaginal views and spread pussy pee-hole-in-action views, noticeably absent from inthecrack are all the less desirable vices that typically come with hardcore porn videos. There is no obsessive cursing, and girls are not being spit on, slapped, called a bitch, or taken advantage of. You might see deep pussy speculum views but don’t expect to see too many girl’s ass holes pried open by a speculum. If you’ve ever had a speculum up your ass you’ll know why. Unlike some adult producers we do respect the models comfort and ensure that they have a good time during the shoot.

…that’s all I needed and, now having reviewed a lot of their content in search of the perfect cervix, I’m pleased to say I didn’t find a single one of their “speculum girls” who didn’t appear to be enjoying herself! In the end, I settled upon a beautiful young blonde named Rachel who was using a transparent plastic speculum to spread her pussy wide enough to grant a glorious view on the inside of her vagina all the way back to her cervix (and what a beautiful cervix it was!). Strangely, I know an awful lot of guys who really don’t like looking at such graphic pussy pics, but isn’t it just so much better to actually see what you’re getting yourself into? ;~)

And so, here’s the lovely Rachel and her speculum spreading wide for us who can appreciate the true natural splendour of her exquisite innermost depths courtesy of

Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from

Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from

Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from

Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from    Cervix photos close-up courtesy of Rachel and her speculum from

(note: actual images downloadable from the site are on average 1600×1200 high-resolution)


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20 Responses to “The Cervix – Exploring the Innermost Depths of the Vagina via Close-Up Speculum Photos”

  1. FrankNZ Says:

    Having seen it, I still need to improve my technique to get better access to her cervix when I am stimulating her with my fingers. And now you want me to find her fornix as well… Do you conduct advanced master classes? Feel free to circulate some registration forms!

  2. yuyu Says:

    darn it i wish my tongue could get that far, i wanna lick it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jim Says:

    I remember reading somewhere of some specialized chinese prostitutes who were built so that you could penetrate both their vagina and their cervix. Folklore?

  4. Sam Says:

    So, thisis what you guys get upto when you’re both not looking at breasts!

    Anyway, what a beautiful body this lovely looking girls has!


  5. yedpvet Says:

    i wanna kiss and lick gspot

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  10. Jenny Gamino Says:

    That is so fucking hot……….ooooooo………..i wish one of those girls would show up at my house…..i want to get some pussy!!!!!

  11. Jenny Gamino Says:

    I love girl sex

  12. Fuckyou Says:

    Did anyone else notice that the opening of the cervix looks like the tip of a penis?

  13. Dipsincit Says:

    He swallowed, eyes still closed, as she wrapped her hand around his slippery, wet shaft. As he did so, he saw the men on the ground moving toward each other. He made no secret that he could read any mind he chose, elvenborn or elvenchanged. She wanted to be the one who took it in her mouth, pussy, or ass. She wanted to lash out, but she was having trouble finding a focus. That spell shouldnt have been so hard. She rubbed her belly. Her fingers slid in, unhindered. They had always done all they could for her, even when she was difficult. The fact that I wasnt in control of my magic only made things worse. Through a veil of unwanted tears, she glared at the receding door. She probably deserved their scorn, but really, enough was enough. She cant make it easy, can she? He wasnt talking to her. She screamed, unconsciously tearing at his hair. She frowned a little and squinted to get as best a look as she could. Except that she is not a goddess and could not have maintained such power. He shared in her laughter, and she gloried at how easy it was. She knew if she did, that would be it. She nipped at his ear as he carried her through her bedroom door.

  14. blub Says:

    Damn I’d fuck this beauty so pregnant. Wanan fuck her tight birth tunnel till she makes me blow all my hot juice right into her unprotected entrance hrr

  15. Rock Hard Says:

    If only I could be alone with you,the things I would do.

  16. PussyLvrX Says:

    Wow, it really is penis-like. :O

  17. dave smits Says:

    i would lick all them pussys out yummy

  18. ramzimel Says:


  19. arshadkhan Says:

    i like sex with girls but i like backside very much

  20. winkels Says:

    what is wrong with you people? there is nothing beautiful about the inside of a smelly hole. Why dont you find some real beauty in the world instead of focusing your mind on someones crotch all day you asshole

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