The Cervix Exposed with Naughty Alysha

The last time I explored the cervix close-up (well, on this blog, at least) it was a lovely young girl named Rachel who had to use a speculum to stretch her pussy wide enough so that we could dive down into the innermost depths of her vagina. However, pussy stretching time took on a whole new meaning for me as of today upon waking up to the following Yahoo message from my mate FrankNZ…

FrankNZ wrote:

“Reese, if you’re out there, knowing that you like Naughty Alysha, the following sample clip blew me away, as she and her hubby manage to completely expose her cervix!”

…following this brief yet enticing message was a link to one of the free videos that this luscious labia stretching lady (whom we’d last seen getting pussy fisted in an intravaginal handjob) posts on her NaughtyAlysha site each week. I clicked, as you do, and came face to face with some of the most extreme pussy stretching I’d ever witnessed, seeing Alysha and her hubby managing to get not one, not two, but three hands into her gaping vagina and then pushing out her cervix so it breached between her labia lips popping all the way out for all the world to see! ‘Twas a most remarkable sight, too, with the faux cock head appearance of the entire sofy, puffy cervical bump visible atop a mountain of pink pussy flesh from her vaginal wall bisected by the horizontal slit which sucks semen into the womb during sex (which I find the perfect place to position the head of my penis whilst cumming since mutual orgasm results in the feeling of a tiny pair of lips sucking the cum from the head my cock like getting a non-penetrative in the pussy blowjob!). Wow!!

But, before I get to the main event wherein we examine her pussy in depth with great and almost gynaecological anatomical detail, I thought it might be a bit more respectful to show this remarkably lovely lady in all her naked glory before granting us a most glorious view of her internal reproductive organs courtesy of the last close up pussy pic from

Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from    Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from    Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from

Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from    Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from    Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from

Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from    Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from    Naughty Alysha exposes her cervix in pussy stretching photos from

…ah, the cervix – far and away my favourite feature of the female genitalia and, being the good boy that I am, I dutifully keep my fingernails close cropped and neatly filed so that I can reach in and grasp this glistening little mound betwixt my fingers and fondle the lovely love bump at the base of her uterus until it’s engorged and pulsing with erotic excitement. Indeed, I find nothing more sexually intimate than massaging a girl’s cervix – the ultimate penetration of her pussy with the whole of my hand hugged by the wondrous fleshy walls of her wet vagina as I gently massage her cervix to orgasm – all the while complimenting her on the sublime beauty of her internal organs (and I’ve yet to encounter a girl who’d ever previously been complimented on her cervix before!).

However, if I ever had the profound pleasure of performing my manual ministrations on someone with the anatomical talents of Naughty Alysha, I dare say I’d not stop there as her unique ability to prolapse her pussy contents at will would give me the rare opportunity to give her pretty cervix a blowjob – and I, in return, would get to experience the ultimate fulfillment of my female genital fetish first-hand (or mouth, as the case may be)! Ah, cunnilingus with a bonus, that is. Until now, the sexy thought of sucking on a woman’s prolapsed uterus as part of our oral sex play had never crossed my mind but, thanks to FrankNZ, Naughty Alysha & her hubby, I’m pleased to report there’s a new erotic entry in my sexual to-do list!

And so, whilst I dream on about this latest extreme pussy fetish fantasy of giving a girl a blowjob – sucking her cervix into my mouth whilst my lips surround the sweet walls of her vagina as I purposefully probe the inviting entrance of her uterus with my eager tongue – here’s the amazing video that FrankNZ so thoughtfully provided me upon this fine day. Without further ado, here’s our lovely Naughty Alysha exposing her cervix in extreme pussy stretching videos from

Extreme pussy stretching videos exposing the cervix with Naughty Alysha from



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6 Responses to “The Cervix Exposed with Naughty Alysha”

  1. FrankNZ Says:

    Glad to be of service. I have watched the clip a number of times now, and it manages to leave me utterly speechless every time. That may have a lot to do though with the extreme bloodflow to my nether regions emptying my cranial cavity. If the cervical exposure isn’t enough, as a dedicated fan of the art of squirting, the end of the clip is equally impressive. Just watching her sample clips, Alysha leaves me utterly drained!

  2. Sqoozes Says:

    You need some sex toys pics. But i like what you got.

  3. Pussy Lvr X Says:

    That’s pretty messed up. I’m no doctor but exposing one’s cervix must be pretty far up on the list of things-people-shouldn’t-be-able-to-do. On a lighter note I would like to fuck Alysha just to see how it compares to fucking a women whose cervix stays where it should be.

  4. khan Says:

    welll…..i am very much impressed by Alisha’s talent , bravo Aalisha……..

  5. Bobby Says:

    How in the world did she figure out she could do that??? You don’t suppose its only been photographed, do you. I’l love to hear Alisha tell us what oral feels like.

  6. Douglas (Dana) Goncz, CPS Says:

    I’d eat that, gladly, gratefully, carefully, respectfully, passionately. What is a cervix if not shared, right?

    I figure most women who’ve had a child would know how to push that hard; it’s a core strength / yoga power kind of thing. Certainly during delivery the cervix is not only visible but open.

    I’ll bet Naughty Alysha got a hemorroid or two learning this trick.

    Note the sudden film cut before seeing Alysha’s cervix. Faked? Well, I don’t think so, IMHO. Once stretched with her two hands and the assistant’s hands, there’s probably a period of pushing that isnt’ shown. Also, it’s a shocker, so a sudden jump cut is appropriate, cinematographically speaking.

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