Lovely Labias in All Shapes & Sizes

Although I love literally everything about the delicate pink flower that is the female genitalia, it’s a girl’s labia lips that I find loveliest of all – the gentle folds of pussy flesh adorning the vulva as living curtains enclosing the grand entrance of her vagina – those fabulous meat flaps that become aroused and erectile to the touch of sex. In fact, I am so hopelessly obsessed with pussy lips that I spent much of this past Saturday wanking my wife who’s got such luxuriously long labia lips that it feels almost as if you’re jacking off a tiny cock between your thumb and forefinger (apart from the fact that her flaps get so super slippery from the lubricating flow of vaginal juices as sexual arousal ensues that it’s remarkably hard to maintain a good grip!)! Was this wrong of me considering that she’d simply lured me back into bed for the lazy afternoon delight of a nice, leisurely fuck?

Meh. She should know better by now as my labia lust knows know bounds. Thus, I though I’d make today labia day here on MyVaginaSite and, while my personal preference in pussy lips leans decidedly toward the large and more pendulous end of the genital spectrum, I also realise that this might not be everyone’s furry cup of tea. And so, I made a pervy visit to peruse Met-Art in order to select a wider range of erotic endowments than usual – from the dainty little tongue sticking out teasingly through the voluptuous pulchritude of a girl’s pubic mound to the more conspicuous and pronounced puffy pussy flaps that fall far closer to the ideals of my deepest desires.

With this in mind, here are Met-Art lovelies Sonya, Nina, Sofi, Odessa, Lauren, Augusta & Lovina as well as one user generated gallery featuring beautiful sandy blonde Keira (and I do mean sandy in the literal sense since her petite pussy is covered in the salty stuff from the beach) sharing & baring their pretty pussies – not to mention the rest of their nubile, naked bodies – in this collection of nude photo galleries that come courtesy of

Sonya C from    Sonya C from    Sonya C from

Nina A from    Nina A from    Nina A from

Sofi Afrom    Sofi Afrom    Sofi Afrom

Odessa A from    Odessa A from    Odessa A from

Lauren B from    Lauren B from    Lauren B from

Augusta A from    Augusta A from    Augusta A from

Lovina A from    Lovina A from    Lovina A from

Keira A from    Keira A from    Keira A from


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2 Responses to “Lovely Labias in All Shapes & Sizes”

  1. FrankNZ Says:

    Sofi A. Definitely. What an astonishingly beautiful pussy. Not only does she have great, succulent labia, I love the way her pussy opens up, promising the possibilities of further, deeper exploration.

  2. sult Says:

    si me lés instale cote a cote je jouirais dans la chatte de la rousse

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