Licking Large Labia Lips on the Tip of My Tongue

← When I posted my pussy piercing blog, I used the image at the left as a tongue-in-cheek example. But I feel bad about that now, especially since the genital gallery to which it linked had a most beautiful labia licking pic therein and, being a sucker for big pussy lips, I should’ve featured that one instead (save for the fact it had nothing to do with the topic at hand, pristine unpierced pussy that it was). And so, giving new meaning to, “I’ve got her on the tip of my tongue,” it’s twat tonguing lesbian Ivana licking large labia Aliz at

…damn, I can really feel that in my frenulum (hmm, I wonder if anyone has tried mapping the sexual sensation correspondences between the male and female genitalia, neurologically speaking, or would those merely match the physiological similarities?)! Anyway, I just wanted to give this most excellent girl genitals gallery its due, so I’ve also added a pussy pleasuring preview of Aliz & Ivana’s large labia lesbian cunnilingus video from

Large labia licking lesbians Ivana & Aliz at

…but, you may ask, what does lovely Aliz do when she doesn’t have a pretty blonde pussy sucker to lick her labia lips? Well, if the following solo series is anything to go by, she spends most of her time masturbating, wet humping her heel (hmm, haven’t had foot fucking here in a while), self-fisting her ass and having labia stretching solo sex with a giant dildo at

Aliz large labia ass self-fisting photos from


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