Large Labia Face Sitting – The best thing ever!

Hi, it’s Reese, here. The reason I’m back on my vagina blog today is that my lovely wife Vix asked me earlier what I wanted to do for my 48th birthday on Friday. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what would make the day most special for me, and have finally “cum” up with this…

Large labia face sitting cunnilingus with Leila from

…so I can stop thinking about it (but still find myself long and hard, tbh). Am sure she was expecting me to come up with something like eating out at a restaurant but, truth be told, I’d much rather be eating her out here at home! Is just a vaginal variation on a theme, innit?

Oh, and presenting the pussy blog myself today also gives me the erotic opportunity to clear up her misunderstanding of what I’d written for her recent Lexxxi tits & ass blog, wherein she’d surmised I didn’t appreciate her sitting on my face to help fulfill my flaps sucking fetish fantasy whilst I was suffering with a broken arm and couldn’t perform cunnilingus since it was so painful to support myself.

Vix’ sexual solution to my starving for pussy problem was to get me flat on my back in bed, mount me naked as if getting ready to fuck me cowgirl style and then scooting forward on her knees until she was stradding my head between her legs – thus letting me get face to flaps with her beautiful big pussy lips from a supine position (which, of course, brought back happy masturbation memories of what may well most possibly be the sexiest thing she’s ever done for me)!

Thus, I LOVE FACE SITTING! Please, Vix, sit on my face any day! I don’t care if it’s more in a 69 position with your sexy little ass hovering over my head as above or face forward like this…

Large labia face sitting photo from big pussy lips lovely Leila at    Large labia face sitting photo from big pussy lips lovely Leila at

…as any oral sex with you is like heaven to me! :~x Erm, that said, I do prefer you face fucking me in the cowgirl position, as I get to see your big boobs better. ;~)

So, would you pretty please face fuck me on my birthday, my love? :~)

Then again, if it’s too much of a strain staying up on your hands and knees for so long, I’d be perfectly content with cunnilingus like this…

Large labia licking pussy fingering big flaps photo from Leila at    Large labia licking pussy fingering big flaps photo from Leila at

…or even a big pussy lips penis massage so I can feel your sexy piss flaps wrapped around my cock (‘tho that wouldn’t quite satisfy my oral obsession now, would it? unless I could suck and fuck you at the same time, that is)…

Large labia penis massage from Leila at    Large labia penis massage from Leila at

…right, then. With the special request for my sexy birthday surprise out of the way, I can thank lovely large labia Leila and her cunt hungry flap sucking fuck buddy for helping me to illustrate this blog. And here they are in action to demonstrate my oral fixation on flaps fantasy dream cum true in a few of my favorite sex scenes from their large labia sucking face sitting video at WetAndPuffy:

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(click here to download video preview)

P.S. Oh, and here’s We Like To Suck’s video preview for this series (although I still think mine’s much better: ;~)

Leila blowjob video from


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