Large Labia Stretching Videos with Candace from FTVgirls

I was visiting my favourite female masturbation and all around pretty pussy site – FTVgirls – when I came across the following delightfully luscious large labia lips being stretched to the extreme…

Large labia stetching with Candace from    Large labia stetching with Candace from    Large labia stetching with Candace from

,,,how’s that for a prominent and almost prehensile pair of pussy flaps?! You can almost imagine them taking on a life of their own – those huge, hanging labia lips lunging out of their own volition from her vulva to grab hold you and draw you ever deeper into her vagina (sure, that’s not gonna happen, but a guy’s allowed to dream, isn’t he?) ;~)

Large labia coming to life fantasy aside, it would still be rather nice to have those big pussy lips hugging your cock as you fucked her. Oral sex would be a treat as well, as I’ll bet I could lock those lips between my own and suck them all the way back in my throat ’til they touched my uvula (mmmm – deep throat cunnilingus – now there’s a thought!).

But let’s give credit where credit is due: The fecund flaps in question belong to a lovely young 18-year-old girl named Candace who, if we can draw our prurient sexual attentions away from her exceptional genitals for a moment, we could see that she has a beautiful body to boot! Here are a few full-body photos of Candace

Candace from    Candace from    Candace from

…in addition to that prehensile pussy of hers, Candace is also well-endowed up to, sporting a rather amazing rack with full EE-cup breasts! But, this being MyVaginaSite, I’d best concentrate on her genital talents for now rather than her big tits (well, for now, at least – although I strongly suspect that we’ll be seeing her on MyBoobSite in the not-too-distant future!).

So, making our way back to Candace’s profoundly flexible pussy lips whilst still dreaming of my tongue between those meaty flaps (and, while I tend to shy away from using the phrase “beef curtains”, said terminology certainly seems to apply in Candace’s case!), the only way to truly appreciate her talented pussy is through the medium of motion. In her videos, Candace describes her journey of self-discovery from when she first “came to grips” with her large genitalia, from pulling her labia lips to finding out how to make her pussy wet and pleasure herself by stroking her comparatively tiny clit.

Nice insights, all, but it’s the closeup pussy videos wherein she’s stretching her long labia lips to their full extent and then spreading her pussy wide open for a most intimate view into her gaping vagina – allowing us access to all of the remarkable textural variations of glistening pink pussy flesh found therein so that we may imagine what it would feel like to slide in first-hand. And so, without further ado, here’s the beautiful and talented Candace in pussy stretching videos from

Large labia stetching videos with Candace from    Large labia stetching videos with Candace from

Large labia stetching videos with Candace from    Large labia stetching videos with Candace from

(note: actual videos available for download from the site are 720×480 resolution)



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32 Responses to “Large Labia Stretching Videos with Candace from FTVgirls”

  1. raw Says:

    she has beatiful lips now I want more.

  2. FrankNZ Says:

    Candace really does have the most beautifully pliable pussy lips, and her inner folds are lovely too. That combined with a delectable pair of EE-cup breasts; you need to feature her more often, Reese!

  3. Jack Onan Says:

    Excellent jerk-off material!!

  4. ken Says:

    wow they look so cool i like long labias

  5. patrick Says:

    i realy like that long streched lips i would like some pictures please

  6. Marc Says:

    My gf has large lips- I hate to say..I much prefer everything tucked away neatly…..

  7. Phill Says:

    My gf like play with her lips from when she was young. She start pulling labias to orgasm and like do it at present day. I love she and like to play with her labias too. Its cool! Long elastic labias beautiful and best fo me

  8. Gareth Says:

    Oh beautiful stuff. I adore big luscious lips.

  9. Bobby Says:

    What a tragedy that many women so endowed feel self conscious or ashamed. That’s because of ignorant men who know nothing (of the broad spectrum of female genitalia structure) before climbing into bed with a new woman. The ignorance comes from basically only having a penis–right there to see and measure contrasted to women who have multiple parts both external and internal. All contribute to female sexuality however they are formed. Our role is to explore our women with the aim of bringing them the most possible pleasure. Can life get better than that?

  10. pussy Says:

    are them pussy lips real? I have never seen lips that big

  11. Time Says:

    L.L.L.L.L. That means “Love Large Long Labia Lips”

  12. Hail Says:

    I have large pussy lips! Not that stretchy, but i love this ode to big flaps. Kudos!

  13. bob Says:

    for me big labia images…..thanks

  14. jazmin Says:

    i think large lips r disgusting……flapping out??? reallly??? how is that sexy???

  15. Mike Says:

    I love long sexy labias! WoW!!!!

  16. babbby girl Says:

    i have streatchy lips, its because when I was a little girl I used to tug on them for orgasms. Im a virgin and im so affraid of what men will think of them :(

  17. mike Says:

    Wow! Babbby girl – you are my dream! If want – show your mail in message body, and I start takking with you by mail! I like lips as yours!

  18. girl Says:

    thanks so much for posting this. I have just as bg lips and have been soooo ashamed of them in the past. i ama virgin and never had any one even see my vagina as i am so embarrassed. but it is good to knwo that some people are open to different!

  19. tommy Says:

    The female body was gods great canvas!!.Each woman is equally sexy, for true sexy is in the lady! wether shes nude, or clothed she ouzzess sexyness. Seein her nude just gives you a thousand reasons and ways, to show her how sexy she is…and those beautiul lips give you at least thirty reasons to love her two hours longer each time….

  20. patrick Says:

    hey there , i am a normal guy from holland and i like your labia , do you know iff its normal for a guy to love big lips because i do very much , would you please send me some more pictures xxx

  21. PLG Says:

    Yipes, that chick looks like she has a small dick. Not at all sexy.

  22. Sugar Says:

    Mine look EXACTLY like this… I’m glad some people are open to difference(:

  23. big b Says:

    Any woman who has big “flaps” is a lucky girl and any guy who is with her is even luckier don’t ever be ashamed of those beatiful huge lips

  24. syoung Says:

    Love to admit…. I’ve had a large labia fetish ever since my first huge pair. Long story short…. Wish I married a woman with huge lips because it might keep the fantasy and the drive to have them in my mouth out of my brain.

    However, I’ve had luck finding a pair on the side… By far the largest to date, bald all over, and a squirter to top it off! Don’t be ashamed of large lips… To many it’s a preference. The best part for you is that if you find a guy that loves them mostly likely you’ll be eaten out a lot! lol

  25. sugarpie Says:

    So, large lips are a good thing? for sure?
    i have large lips and never thought it was normal or a benefit.
    Whats the difference??

  26. Lip Lover Says:

    I just love big lips, they are wonderful, I really like it when the juices run down them and drip off. Lucky girls and lucky men if their girl has them!! My ex did and I would love to see them again!!

  27. marissa Says:

    I have the same thing and got curious so i looked at this site. I felt VERY insecure because i thought it wasnt normal. But thanks to this site i feel better. I am still shy n scared about what my *first* will say when he sees it.

  28. zena Says:

    I am in my 40s and les/bi – love my pussy very much. In order to keep it trim and fluffy I reguarly massage the lips using olive oil and do keggel excersize. It still looks young and my gf and bf love it.

  29. cockhard forlips Says:

    I love a woman with long hanging pussy lips, its super hot, so hot i have finally talked my slut wife in to pulling on hers and stretching them every chance she gets and shes really enjoying it!

  30. Tom Says:

    You did an Awesome job stretching those lips…..Looks Great!

  31. theo Says:

    love it

  32. SHe Says:

    Okay. Eww…I know some men would like that and maybe some women…but fuck…sorry to me…. (I am female)….it’s the equivalent of a wrinkly, saggy 100 year old woman tits just hanging out… Sorry gross. Gross. Gross.
    Kudos to the guys who do like that….but I hope to never see this in real life. Ever.

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