Crotchless Panties on Big Pussy Lips
…the Perfect Cunt Flaps Combination?

I know I was complaining about Dominika’s not so sexy underwear in my very last large labia blog, but a brief vaginal visit to the Wet & Puffy pussy site proved far more revealing in the fact she’s taken her cute cunt flaps from one fashion extreme to the other! Here’s Dominika showing off her sexy big pussy lips in crotchless panties cunt pics at

Large labia lips in crotchless panties on big pendulous pussy flaps photos from sexy cute dangling cunt queen Dominika at

…to be honest, I’d never quite got the point of crotchless panties before. Sure, they provide for easy access to pussy penetration at a party without having to strip naked first and thus limit the risk of losing your undies in such impromptu sexual situations, but just didn’t look all too comfortable for coitus. After all, wouldn’t the thrusts from a cock get them caught in your crotch? And I don’t even want to think about the mechanics of a girl trying to piss through crotchless panties, as she’d likely just wet ‘em and have to sit with a soaked pussy all night! No, from my genital perspective, pussy in crotchless panties just seemed totally impractical on all c(o)unts.

However, like my big labia dangling darling Dominika reveals in the erotic illustration above, there is a practical use for crotchless panties since they save such a genitally well-endowed girl the trouble of deciding whether to dress to the right or the left, not to mention the bother of making genital adjustments once she’s got her pussy flaps packed in her panties! Ah, the freedom to just let is all hang out. Yes, large labia lips are what crotchless panties were made for (and, speaking as a guy, there’s just something so sublimely sexy about a fully clothed female with her flaps out all the time)!

But, even with her pretty pussy flange free from the close-up cunt confines of its lace panty prison, Dominika still peels her panties off pussy in a flash, twat teasing nude flaps with a feather to tickle her labia and sweet little ass in her sexy large labia lips in crotchless panties video for

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2 Responses to “Crotchless Panties on Big Pussy Lips
…the Perfect Cunt Flaps Combination?”

  1. Tony Says:

    No video?

  2. Reese Says:


    Do you not see the embedded video? Please let me know and, if not, I’ll re-code it for 64-bit browsers as well…

    ~Reese! :~)

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