Large Labia Lips Caught in Panty Pull with Dasha

Although I love large labia lips on a sexy girl well-endowed and wonder why there’s no genital cosmetic surgery equivalent of a boob job for girls less well-hung who’d like labia enlargement rather than a reduction, I’ve never really stopped to consider the pitfalls prominent, protruding piss flaps can bring. And, as an older bloke suffering from somewhat pendulous testicles, I suppose I should have more sympathy. I have trouble enough sorting out my own package in my pants, so I can but imagine the not so tidy twat trials and tribulations of the gentler sex arranging their female genitalia in a g-string since even stuffing big pussy lips in panties can be a difficult matter…

Well-hung girl pulling panties aside to reveal large labia lips with well-endowed blonde teen Dasha A from    Large labia lips caught in panties with big piss flaps and knickers in a twist for pussy flashing teen Dasha A from

(images courtesy of Met-Art)

…the little blonde teen with her lovely lady junk hanging out of her panties is Dasha A, by the way, whose pendulous pussy lips have been here before. I’m quite excited to see more from her as well, since my vagina site was in serious danger of becoming a dedicated Dominka blog for a bit! And so, with those gorgeous, gigantic genitals getting her knickers in a twist, here’s more of luscious large labia teen Dasha A at

Mondo labia lips extra large on little blonde teen nude girl well-hung with big pussy piss flaps Dasha A from


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