Garden Hose Masturbation Videos with Violet

Huge fan of female masturbation that I am, I must say that there is no porn site that pleases me more with this particular fetish than FTV Girls. It’s not only chock full of women wanking (ok, perhaps young girls having a little lady wank would be more accurate, as most of their models are in their late-teens or early-twenties), but I’ve encountered quite a number of sexy surprises hidden in there as well!

Take bespectacled blonde FTVgirl Violet, for example, best known for her love of vegetables (as a passable penis substitute for pussy insertion, that is) and for said produce being likewise utilised for masturbating in public…

Vegetable masturbation with Violet from    Vegetable masturbation with Violet from    Vegetable masturbation with Violet from

Vegetable masturbation with Violet from    Vegetable masturbation with Violet from    Vegetable masturbation with Violet from

…well, upon further exploration of FTV girl Violet’s work for the site, I found her engaging in creative masturbation techniques I’d not witnessed before! Now, we’ve all seen a girl wanking with a garden hose before, focusing the pressurised stream of water directly upon her pussy for continuous clitoral stimulation, but I’ve honestly never seen a girl go the full-insertion route with a running hose, stuffing a girt length of it up her vagina so that cascades of water pour out from between her labia lips!

Being but a lowly male, I can only dare to imagine the profound pleasure this full-penetration practice might bring: The steady stream of water pounding firmly against your cervix like a cock cumming continuously within you, gushing outward against your vaginal wall and hitting the g-spot in a one-way liquid massage. Why, it’s like having a vaginal Jacuzzi (which reminds me, I’ve always wanted to build a little testicular Jacuzzi within which to immerse my balls in its bubbly goodness, but that’s an entirely different topic altogether (not to mention scarcely appropriate for a vagina blog))!

But back to Violet who, having seen the entirety of this most horny video, seemed to get incredibly turned-on by the task of washing her car (would that be a form of auto-erotica?!). She starts out by turning the hose upon herself, soaking her bikini-clad body before moving Southward to focus fully upon her pubic region. Feeling the pleasure of its pulsing pressure against her pussy, it’s not long before Violet peels the crotch of her bikini bottoms aside, exposing her bare vulva to the full force of the spurting hose’s endless emissions.

Within a matter of minutes, she’s down on the ground, as if her lovely legs just gave out from such extreme sexual ecstasy. With the pressure of the stream already parting her pussy flaps wide, Violet inserts the nozzle into her gaping vagina – cautiously, at first, but soon finds herself fucking the hose with increasing enthusiasm. Just then, a little dog wanders into the video frame (does this count as dogging?) and just meanders about until she pulls the hose from her pussy and warns off the canine interloper with a little squirt (I just love porn out-takes!).

It’s then that the serious hose fucking commences, with Violet ramming the squirting shaft in & out of her pussy, water gushing from her vagina with every stroke (mmm, can you say “power douche”?!). The video camera zooms in for a close-up of her pussy as Violet approaches orgasm, and we can see the onset of her initial vaginal contractions right before she rips the hose out of herself and just keeps on cumming and cumming, her pussy lips opening and closing as each orgasmic contraction propels immense gushes of liquid just like a real squirter until all of the foreign fluid fulling her vagina is expelled.

When all is said and done and her orgasm subsides to the point where she’s regained the strength to speak again, Violet turns to the camera with a sublimely sexy and satisfied smile and simply says, “ooh, water hoses,” with an exhausted sigh before melting to the ground like so many puddles she’d made from her pussy moments before. Oh, I do so love a really dirty girl (although, that said, Violet does come out remarkably clean by the end of this video, go figure)! So, without further ado, here’s beautiful blonde babe Violet masturbating with a garden hose in videos from

Violet fucking a garden hose in masturbation videos from    Violet fucking a garden hose in masturbation videos from

Violet fucking a garden hose in masturbation videos from    Violet fucking a garden hose in masturbation videos from



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4 Responses to “Garden Hose Masturbation Videos with Violet”

  1. FrankNZ Says:

    No one beats FTV Girls for female masturbation. I think it’s their sheer range of beautiful young women, from those who are discovering the joys of intense, prolonged masturbation, to the more experienced practitioners like Violet, who experiment with all kinds of organic and inorganic objects and of ever increasing sizes. Violet is one of their more extreme though, in terms of her range of big objects, hard fisting and squirting orgasms. Creative masturbation indeed.

  2. This guy Says:

    seriously, i’ve been looking for something like this forever. i love the public playfulness… stuff

  3. lesbianmarsha Says:

    where do i find the full video of violet inserting a garden hose?

  4. Reese Says:

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