Fist me gently, fist me slowly…

…take it easy, don’t you know that I have never been fucked like this before.

“Baby, baby” indeed (with sincerest apologies to Andy Kim). As much as I’d tried to provide a gentle introduction to fisting in my first post on the topic, I failed miserably when it came down to the video examples accompanying that blog. Unfortunately, most of the pussy fisting portrayed in porn is of the full-insertion, rapid-fire, “up to the elbow” ilk – what I would best categorise as extreme fisting – and I guarantee that, if you attempt to start off in this fashion, your partner will likely be put off the practice forever.

Pussy fisting should provide profound pleasure and not pain, and so a slow, considerate, patient approach is required (especially if your wife or girlfriend has never been fisted before). And so, subsequent to that introductory blog, I’ve been keeping an eye out for examples of the sort of gentle fisting I sought to portray in that post and, trolling through the countless video galleries of FTV Girls (from whence MyVaginaSite’s cover-pussy comes), I soon found precisely the fashion of fisting that I’d been looking for!

In this video, we find two young, nubile blondes exploring each other’s bodies to the point of mutual masturbation with each alternately inserting a hand into their girlfriend’s vagina to feel the moist, tactile wonders which lie within and discovering pleasures unattainable by masturbating on one’s own. I do so envy these two uninhibited teens – not out of any sort of jealous sexual desire but merely because they’re open-minded enough to freely share their bodies with each other and discover the joy of fisting so early on in life.

It just makes me wish I’d paid more attention to my girlfriend’s pussy at that age instead of incessantly obsessing over her big tits all the time. The last time I saw her before I moved away, she was 22 and about to get married to a nice Catholic boy. Although it had been five years since we’d last been together, sexually speaking, and she’d had plenty of sex partners since then, she admitted to me during that final visit together that she still had yet to experience an orgasm. :~( If only I had known I’d have put aside my breast obsession for the time being and focused more fully upon her pussy.

Ah – regrets, I’ve had a few – and hindsight can be a cruel tease. Besides, I was terribly young at the time and, in the rushed nature of stealthy sex when and where the opportunity arose combined with the typical sexual insecurities of youth, really didn’t have the faintest idea of how to properly pleasure a woman. In fact, it wasn’t until the ripe old age of 37 that I’d finally “come to grips” with the female genitalia thanks to a partner who was totally open to my exhaustive exploration of her clitoris, labia, vagina, cervix and all the other components coming together to form the female sexual anatomy.

All of which is precisely why I’m so envious of Jana Foxy & Sandy, the two young ladies in today’s video. While I’m sure the porn world would describe them using such provocative promotional patter as “bisexual blonde teens” or even *gasp* “teenage lesbians”, Jana & Sandy simply strike me as being two typical yet open-minded girlfriends willing to share each other’s bodies and thus get to learn more about themselves and their sexuality through a little mutual masturbation (and, besides, I’ve always felt that bisexuality is in the eye of the beholder) in these gentle fisting videos from

Gentle fisting amongst girlfriends Sandy & Jana Foxy at    Gentle fisting amongst girlfriends Sandy & Jana Foxy at



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4 Responses to “Fist me gently, fist me slowly…

  1. K Says:

    Nice reallity check. Good communication leads to great fun!

  2. FrankNZ Says:

    I like the second clip in particular, as the conversation between these two gorgeous girls emphasises that they are exploring the joys of gentle fisting for the first time. “…You can help me guide it in…” *sigh*

  3. ChomFa Says:

    Wow, I finally found a site with my obsession first and foremost – the female genitals! And to top it off, I find this post with one of my absolute favorite videos. I love the naturalness of these two girls but , more than that, I adore Jana’s pussy – one of the prettiest ever. Then again, the search goes on!!!

  4. Bigman Says:

    What about hand size? I’ve tried this fisting with my wife but her pelvic bones I think are to small… help

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