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It’s a well-known fact that women produce a wide variety of bodily fluids during sex. These can include natural vaginal lubricant, sweat, menses, ejaculate and liquid from her bladder. However, while it’s generally accepted that men will inevitably ejaculate as a result of sex – being a “heavy cummer” even more highly regarded as a sign of virility – such has not always been the case with women. Historically speaking, there was a sad time when women’s bodily fluids were feared as “unclean” and exposure was to be avoided at all costs. Even now, many consider it less feminine for a girl to get wet & messy during sex!

In my own sexual history, I was totally unaware that women could ejaculate during orgasm much in the same manner as men. In fact, apart from menstruation and urine, I really didn’t know about any of the other fluids a woman produced from her genitalia! Looking back, though, I have to consider that all of my past sexual partners required additional lubrication in order to have sex comfortably (no, I’m not bragging about the size of my cock here – rather, it was either just a case of relative vaginal dryness on their parts or perhaps inadequate foreplay on my part). This all changed, however, upon encountering my current partner…

The very first time I’d ever met Vix in person, the two of us were naked within 20 minutes. But, having just flown over 5,000 miles to meet her, I was totally exhausted and took far longer than her undressing. Whilst I was doing this, Vix was knelt up on the sofa, stark bollock nude and fingering her pussy in my general direction (which, in retrospect, is most probably the true starting point of my profound passion for pussy). As she was stroking her hands over her vulva, occasionally spreading her swollen pussy flaps wide to reveal the inviting, moist tunnel of love that would become the new home for my throbbing cock, it was the squelchy sound of her immense wetness that turned me on more than anything else. In all of my years of having sex (me having been 37 years old at the time), I’d never encountered a woman who produced such massive volumes of vaginal lubrication in eager anticipation of a fuck. It was literally gushing out of her soaked pussy and flowing freely down her tensed inner thighs like a glistening waterfall!

[Can’t believe how much I’m shaking whist writing this, not to mention (warning: TMI alert!) getting a bit of a leak on myself from the lustfully lingering sexual intensity of the memory.]

It wasn’t until a good time later, though – once we’d both become more comfortable and sexually familiar with each other’s bodies – that I first experienced genuine female ejaculation from Vix. My face was buried between her legs at the time, administering cunnilingus by licking my tongue hard against her clit whilst the middle & index fingers of my right hand probed her pussy to massage her g-spot. As she approached orgasm, Vix pressed her hand down firmly on my head and, through tightly-clenched teeth, loudly commanded, “Suck my clit!” I shifted my hand downward to make room for my mouth, the additional leverage causing my fingers to press even harder into her g-spot, and pursed my lips over her swollen clitoris, sucking for all I was worth. Within mere moments, there was a flood of fluid gushing from her now-pulsing pussy into my mouth and the strength of her vaginal contractions squeezed my fingers harder than ever before. Indeed, I had experienced my first squirting orgasm with a woman!

Unfortunately, many women misinterpret their urge to ejaculate as having to pee (since the sensations are somewhat similar) and thus hold back, depriving themselves of the ultimate in earth-shattering female orgasms. However, female ejaculation and urination are two distinctly different things. Although both originate from the urethra immediately beneath the clitoral hood, the ejaculate originates moreso from the female prostate than the bladder. Whereas urine contains high concentrations of creatinine and urea, the female ejaculate is much higher in things like prostate-specific antigens, prostate-specific acid phosphatase and fructose, the latter of which is responsible for the distinctive sweetness one can occasionally detect when tasting “girl cum” (since it’s a type of sugar).

As is the case with fisting, the first secret key to getting your girl gushing like a fountain of female sexuality is patience. Take your time to learn the ins & outs her genital anatomy with a focus upon “what’s under the (clitoral) hood”, as simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, urethra (through the vaginal wall) and g-spot is the most common method of achieving a squirting orgasm for beginners. Be especially careful and gentle around the urethral opening on the underside of the clitoral hood, though, as this can be quite sensitive and potentially painful for a woman who’s not experienced stimulus there before. I’d personally recommend pressing the tip of your tongue against this region with just a light pressure and not licking or moving whilst you continue to gently manipulate the top of the clitoris and massage her g-spot. Again, pay close attention to any visual or audible feedback she provides to make sure what you’re doing is both comfortable and pleasurable.

The second key is to let your girl know that it’s okay to “let go”. As I’d mentioned before, many women are uncomfortable with the idea of female ejaculation because they either feel that it’s just peeing or have been indoctrinated into thinking that wet & messy sex is wrong. Also, bear in mind that women who masturbate and are thus more intimately aware of how to pleasure their own pussies have a head-start on this whole female ejaculation thing so, should you discover that your wife or girlfriend is a chronic masturbator, don’t discourage her (sadly, I do know some jealous blokes who take it personally when their partner prefers masturbating to fucking them from time to time – so just get over the jealousy and be supportive, guys, as it’ll serve to dramatically improve your sex lives in the long run!)!

Right, then, on with a few examples of the wonder of female ejaculation I found for you over at a site called “I Love to Squirt“. The first model I’ve chosen to illustrate this splendid pussy phenomenon is a stunning young blonde named Mitch. I chose her not only because her volume of ejaculate is relatively slight and thus more akin to what you’d encounter starting out (besides, a vast majority of the porn which shows a gushing pussy squirting buckets of girl-cum is typically fake – more on that later), but also because she’s having a laugh doing it (thus showing she’s totally comfortable with us watching her wanking). And so, here’s little Mitch masturbating herself to a gushing orgasm courtesy of ILoveToSquirt.com

Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com

Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com

Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com

Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com    Mitch masturbating & gushing at ILoveToSquirt.com


…for today’s videos, however, I’ve decided to abandon my aims at authenticity and just go for the gushers. Caveat emptor, though, as there’s no way of telling which of the following videos are real examples of legitimate pussy squirters and which have been faked (if any). The porn industry, intent on capitalising on the pussy squirting fetish, deceptively considers any woman expelling liquid from her pussy to be a squirter. Sometimes it can be urine and other times they’ll go so far as filling the vagina with fluid to be expelled through the simulation of orgasmic contractions.

For shame! And, unfortunately – since we can’t be there to smell & taste the ejaculate – there’s no way of telling for sure. What’s worse, this can lead to unrealistic expectations toward your partner when her own girls cum-shots don’t measure up to the voluminous vaginal explosions found in such porn videos! So, once again with the caveat that I can’t confirm whether this is real pussy squirting or not, here are a few more extreme pussy gushing videos from ILoveToSquirt.com:

Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com    Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com

Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com    Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com

Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com    Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com

Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com    Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com

Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com    Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com

Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com    Female ejaculation videos from ILoveToSquirt.com




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12 Responses to “Female Ejaculation Videos – Girls Cum Too!”

  1. Frank Says:


    The description of Vix gushing into your mouth for the first time is mind-blowing. Thank you, and Vix, for sharing that.

    Squirting is one of the most wonderful, intimate experiences that I have been able to share with my wife. We had no idea about squirting until well into our middle age. Since then it has taken a lot of patience and trial and error to get there. We have found that we both had a lot to learn about each other along the way, which has been a revelation in itself.

    Other than encouraging your partner to feel comfortable about letting go, it can help to simply have some towels ready. There can be a lot of powerful conditioning about “messy sex” to get through, so anything you can do to assure her will be welcomed.

    It also helps if you don’t put all the focus on whether you can make her squirt or not. In the end, it is about her pleasure, not your technique. For us it has worked best when we concentrate on the prolonged g-spot stimulation and the intense orgasms that this results in. The squirting came naturally when she felt that there was no pressure on her to perform.

    For me personally I get turned on immensely by the whole thing, not just the squirting which is the culmination of the whole wondrous experience. To watch the way she responds to my administrations, to respond to her moves in turn, to rub her g-spot while she rubs her clit – it is the most beautiful dance.

    I love it when I feel her swell up and contract on my fingers, as I know what is coming next. To feel her gush over my hand, to see her squirt, to watch her ecstacy – it pushes me over the edge every time. It simply is bliss.

  2. henk Says:

    You posted a few clips of classic Avy Scott videos! Brings back memories

  3. Big Daddy Says:

    It was not until I was in my middle 40’s that I understood all about the female orgasm and I was able to work with a willing woman on getting her to squirt.

    I can tell a lot of the videos and pictures are fake. The ejaculation comes from the same hole as urine so if it’s from anywhere else it’s fake. But even if it is from her urethra it still could be a case of drinking a lot of water so her urine is clear.

    Gushers are very hard to find. Most of the time she will just squirt a bit of clear odorless liquid. If she does emit a large amount of fluid it’s more times a flood rather than a gusher. Some times there is a little urine in the fluid.

  4. newcom Says:

    The mother of my first daughter was a squirter. I was lucky to get her as a virgin and prevent any bad training. I enjoyed it usually, but if the woman is an easy squirter, it becomes a little hard to feel her after awhile, if you know what I am saying. My wife now was a lot harder to free up, but we have enjoyed several moments of “gushing” wetness, and I must say, that the challenge is nice.

  5. newcom Says:

    Oh, by the way, if you want to see amazing squirting ability and in my opinion genuine squirting, check out google Cytherea.

  6. BigDee Says:

    i must say this is one of the most comprehensive blog i have read about female ejaculation.
    i have been with a squirter for over 10 years, and have enjoyed all the benefit of it.
    But for my partner she always was ashamed of it at first and truly tought she was peeing , i knew she wasn’t. we watch some porn vids of feamle ejaculation and indeed as you mentionned some of those are truly exagerated and probably some are fake.
    my partner loves to masturbate ,and i enjoy watching her doing so , she is very vigorous in her style but when ready to reach orgsam she will now spread her pusy lips and gently run her finger around he swollen clit and usually will gush several stream of Cum acroos the bed, i do get “hosed” at time if i am close enough.towels are always a must when we have sex.
    we made movies and clips of ourselves and i we enjoy watching eachother from time to time as a prelude to sex.
    you are right about knowing where to apply pressure because some female will experince true discomfort and pain if not done properly.
    i am amazed how some models in porn get subjects to intense fingering action ontheir Gspot and some are visibly in paineventho they do ejaculate, knowing my partner reaction , i know these girls are not always having fun, their clit must be so numb from being roughed up. icnat imgine how they can even have a plesurable orgasm.

  7. Frank Says:

    It is nice to read others’ personal experiences with squirting. Like many here, we did not know what we were doing until our early 40’s. To be honest, not until information became more readily available on the Internet in the early ’90s did we feel encouraged to find out more. I mean, who and what were you supposed to ask?

    What saddens me is that this most wonderful and natural of experiences has been repressed within Western society for such a long time. The embarrassment that it causes, to the point that often it is still diagnosed as incontinence. This is the kind of thing that should be taught in sex education.

  8. Masked Reader Says:

    Reese, I’m a regular reader, but I don’t want to use my usual name because people (other than at your sites) know who I am in real life if I use it. But…. for the first time ever, last night, I got to taste that sweetness you mention. I’ve been going down on my wife for years; and she always climaxed, but this was, I don’t know why, the first time her pussy fluids tasted sweet (mind you, I like the other taste too)… and I was ecstatic. If I hadn’t read this post, I wouldn’t have known why it was tasting so sweet…. :P

  9. chandresh Says:

    send video when f doing urine

  10. Mike Says:

    Hi know this is an old post but where can J find more of the Mitch girl? Ilovetisquirt always links to some daredorm or something site

  11. Reshma Singh Says:

    My boyfriend always clean my pussy after sex with his pee, and he also insist me to clean his pee with my pee, Though I feel when he cleans my vigina with his pee which is too hot water type. May I want to know is there any risk of bacteria, though his cock is cut.

  12. Matt Says:

    Hi know this is an old post but where can J find more of the Mitch girl? She is absolutely beautiful!
    Ilovetisquirt aldoesn’t appear to work

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