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There’s nothing quite like a stupendously slutty hot threesome sex session of double vaginal penetration to get things swinging – feeling the friction of two big engorged throbbing cocks rubbing against each other rhythmically whilst embraced together within the soft warm folds of a girl’s vagina – as we’ve previously enjoyed on MyVaginaSite by kind virtue of lovelies Sindee Jennings & Isabella Soprano. Knowing how much orgasmic delight I get from sticking my dick in an already occupied pussy, I can but imagine how it feels from a woman’s point of view feeling two pulsing penises cumming in mutual orgasm inside her vagina in a gangbang groupsex orgy of internal cumshots.

So, being the pussy loving DVP fanatic that I am, I’m pleased to introduce you to Jean – a stunningly sexy slut sporting a beautiful cunt with a nice big clit poking provocatively out of her perfectly curved clitoral hood laced with lush labia lips of pink pussy flesh flowing delightfully downward to her perineum…

DD-cup sexy swinger Jean at    Beautiful Cunt

…this beautiful 31-year-old busty slut wife amply endowed with DD-cup breasts and a suitably voluminous vagina to accommodate two cocks in one box is likewise a lover of double vaginal penetration, having first indulged in this immensely erotic threesome experience as a swinger with hubby Wayne and male friend David. And, fortunate for DVP fetish freaks like myself, they had the foresight to make a movie of this blessed event!

I’ll dispense with the detailed description of these two well-endowed men fucking her cock to cock until her cum filled cunt is oozing with cum from the two penis pressure forcing the semen from their combined ejaculations out of her wet, sloppy pussy filled to cumshot capacity as I just want to watch these wonderful videos once again! And so, here’s super sexy swinger Jean getting her pretty pussy double fucked DVP style in these delightful closeup double vaginal penetration movies from

Double Vaginal Penetration Videos from    Double Vaginal Penetration Videos from

Double Vaginal Penetration Videos from    Double Vaginal Penetration Videos from

Double Vaginal Penetration Videos from    Double Vaginal Penetration Videos from


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5 Responses to “Double Vaginal Penetration Videos at JeanSwing”

  1. henk Says:

    love double vaginal, especially when you and the other guy come at the same time. I once saw it from just as up close while filming friends.

  2. brian Says:

    Fantastic I did this, loved it when the other guy blasted inside my wife, more slippery & sticky at the same time.

  3. gotSEX Says:

    Wow,, interesting brian, let me know if you want to do more of this… i will be able to try it too

  4. Polyandryist Says:

    I found this site when I was looking for a girl who had two pussies.
    This is a true story so I’ll take it a bit fast for what happened.

    My name is Robert and I met with Rebecca in 2003 at a gas station in Linkoping (Sweden) her car refused to start after she took a break and refueled. We dated 3-4 weeks and then moved in together since both studied and hadde quite little money to move with. A work colleague of my girlfriend moved in with us in June 2005 for two to three weeks when he lost his temporary apartment. We lived in a small apartment then (40 square meters) so he slept on our couch just 2 meters away from us.
    One evening when I and my girlfriend came home from the pub Stefan lying on the sofa, half asleep while he watched TV. We went to bed and she said that she was horny, she asked me if I cared that he is there in the room. I do not, I said, after just a few minutes Stefan wake up and looked at us without saying anything. Do you want to join us?, I asked jokingly. “Sure, may I?,” Rebeccka smiled and said “okay” with some surprising look? She began by jacking and sucking up Stefan’s cock while she rode me, it went fast as he already had half a position when he came to bed. So he went behind her but then she said “no, I do not like it in my butt, but since you are a guest and he has already invited you , I also invite you, I want you both in my pussy and I do not put thee condom when Martin is allergic to latex.”

    I and Stefan looked at each other a little and he seemed not to care so much, (there I lie with my girlfriend and some guy I do not know so good I thought). Stefan fell to his knees and spit on Rebecckas ass, I felt how he pushed his cock slowly at the side of my cock and after few minutes he was all the way inside her.
    We fucked for a while until I felt that it pulses or rather the vibrate from Stefan’s cock (well hell, I thought now he will come inside my girlfriend now, I just asked in fun) then it did not take long before it went for me to . Rebeccka enjoyed to fullest and she relaxed as never before. Both cocks were completely exhausted by her and she does not want ‘em out “no let dicks be inside, I like d this.”
    The day after (Saturday) we were all three at home in the apartment, testing new positions and experimenting a bit, we realized we is entitled rapidly that it is the first position all like best. We continued to have sex the next day varies and Stefan was almost always with us, after two months we bought a bigger bed. Rebecca slept in between us two first night in the new bed. You could say that my girlfriend became his girlfriend to that night. Stefan never moved out, we both like sports cars, the same woman and he is a guy to trust.

    In 2007, Rebecca became pregnant and it turned out that Stephen was father
    Today we live all in a house outside of Stockholm (Sweden) and Rebeccka I have two children together. Rebecca has simply two men, but she is married to me.

    I and Stefan have never sucked or jerked off each other or so but taking or touching on each other’s cock is not unusual since we share same cunt for 6 years now. The children do not care that there are two fathers in the house. The neighbors think we’re a little weird. But they know that Stefan is Rebecca’s first boyfrien who is living with us for the child sake. In fact, we live in a polyandry.

  5. Keith Says:

    Will be spoiling a lovely goddess today with a double V Intercourse.Should be interesting,and lots of pleasure for my friends wife.

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