Pretty Pink Pussy with a Cute Clit Hood

Let’s face it, a girl’s genitals are a things of outstanding natural beauty – the sexy secret garden of the vulva laying languid between her legs spread wide as an invitation to erogenous exploration, the gentle genital folds of flaccid labia lips framing the entrance of her vagina like the delicate diaphanous petals of a perfect feminine flower waiting to bloom, the compelling curve of a cute clitoral hood shrouding the glans of her clitoris in its cleavage safely tucked away in an erotic temple of flesh until the onset of female erection reveals its ready to come out to play – and speaking of facing it, being face to face with the female genitalia gently encouraging it to erection with fanny fiddling fingers, labia loving lips and twat teasing tongue until the pretty pussy flower blossoms glistening wet in the vaginal dew of sexual excitement in preparation for penetration by your pollinating penis offers a vestibular view like none other on Earth…

Pretty Pink Pussy with a Cute Clit Hood - Clitoris Closeup Clitoral Hood Photo from

…now if I can just tear my adoring eyes away from what may well be by far the most beautiful feminine clit hood ornament I’ve ever seen on a vulva (not to be confused with the masculine shit hood ornament on a Volvo), I could show you that there’s more to this gorgeous girl and her genitals than an adorably cute clitoral hood hard though that may be (erm, in terms of breaking my genital gaze, that is, rather than referring to her having a hard clit hood since it seems as luxuriously soft as her luscious labia lips below). The compelling closeup clit pic comes, of course, from InTheCrack and the lovely pussy model flashing her gash for us is the genitally well-endowed teen Natasha (whom we last laid eyes upon in my vagina blog back when I was relentlessly pursuing the perfect pussy) and, while that closeup clitoris photo above brings an erotically rarefied air to my pussy fetish fantasies, I must admit I’m also rather attracted to the voluptuous view of her puffy vulva peeking out from between her beautiful ass cheeks despite my not being a butt man by any stretch. But, before I start rambling on about the genital joys of watching girls sleeping naked in hopes of getting a fleeting pink flash of gash between their legs as they roll over, I’d best just stop and show you the photos of beautiful nude teen Natasha from

Pretty Pink Pussy Lips on Natasha from


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6 Responses to “Pretty Pink Pussy with a Cute Clit Hood”

  1. Jason Says:

    Her pussy is so pretty. Thank you for showing that pretty pink pussy.

  2. dan Says:

    so lovely. just wanna bury my throbing dick in there. neva felt so horny

  3. zane Says:

    I would love to tongue her! She is gorgeous!

  4. Tim Says:

    I would suck her clit so long that she would start crying with pleasure

  5. yen Says:

    That’s such a beautiful pussy/clit/lips…dream like image – THANK YOU

  6. Michael Rees Says:

    Yes, women are beautiful; God created them in His Likeness in form, for they bear children as co – producers with God.
    Clitoris is a small penis, having twice as many pleasure points as males, for God provided pleasure for them due to the pain of bearing children for future generations of humanity.
    Men need to respect and honor women in the highest regard, which they are not doing, but the opposite.
    They are beautiful creatures, and their bodies need to be respected.

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