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Get Some Pussy Flaps in a Twist at FTVgirls

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

While I’m familiar with the phrase, “Don’t get your knickers in a twist,” as having the negative connotation of warning you off reacting badly about something, getting a luscious pair of large labia lips in a twist has never been anything but positive and sexually arousing for me…

Big pussy lips in a twist with twisty large labia Ally from

…why, it look almost as if she got her pussy in pigtails in that photo (albeit upbraided in tender female genital flesh rather than hair)! :~D

The pussy fetish allure of large labia lips is relatively new to me, only having made their erotic acquaintance of a well-hung woman a mere decade ago. I was sitting on the floor watching my new girlfriend masturbating naked on the couch whilst she impatiently waited for me to get nude myself. It was the first time we’d met face to face and, as eager as I was to “get into her”, I’d never seen a girl masturbating before in my life (well, in porn perhaps, but not in real life) and found the sexy sight of naked female genitalia with fingers massaging her wet pussy parts almost hypnotic in nature. When she at last lifted her hand to her mouth to suck the succulent vaginal juices from her soaked fingertips, I got my first clear view of her glistening genitals in all their engorged glory and remember being surprised by the size of her pussy flaps in labial erection. Seeing these unusually long labia lips swollen in sexual anticipation of things to cum between them, I’m almost embarrassed now to admit I didn’t know that to do with them at first. But, now nearly ten years on, I’m well aware that these puffy pussy bundles of genital joy are something special to be savoured and I love feel of large labia lips rolling between my fingers teasing tender twat flesh before I dive in face first to make a monge tout meal of muff.

But back to big labia twisting Ally (erm, she’s the blurry yet gorgeous nude girl with the twisted pussy spreading above), I expect it’s impolite of us just to stare at her gaping genitals all day, so I guess a few more stretchy pussy fetish photos are in order. And so, without further ado (although I’m still struggling to apprehend as I’m sure she’s trying to spell something out with her naked body apart from those long legs in stripy stockings in the first six photos below, but I just can’t quite make out what it is), here’s twisty flaps Ally in big pussy pulling pics and large labia stretching videos from

Large Labia Stretching Photos of Ally from FTVGirls

Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at

Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at

Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at

Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at

Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at    Large lips labia stretching big pussy flaps photos with Ally at

Large Labia Stretching Videos of Ally from FTVGirls

Cunnilingus Closeup Videos with lesbian lovers Shyla & Elisabeth from



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Cunnilingus Craving Driving Me Crazy

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Apologies for venting my vagina woes your way but it feels like I’ve been deprived of pussy licking forever (an erotic exaggeration, to say the least, but it has been a long time since I’ve held my lover’s luscious long labia lips in my mouth and thrust my tongue between the fecund folds her pendulous pussy flaps for a taste of the succulent vaginal juices that flow therein). It’s not that we’re not having sex any more – on the contrary, all’s well of the fuck front – but a change in our home living circumstances has rendered achieving the intimacy needed to embark upon extended foreplay sessions all but unattainable. :~( Thus, sexy teen lesbian scenes like the following of two girls licking each other out at The Life Erotic represents a serious sexual torment for me…

Teen Lesbian Cunnilingus Close-up Pussy Licking Girls Photo from

…we really need to get away for a dirty weekend together so once again I can see her laying in bed nude spread-eagle (or making like a starfish, as she’s referred to it) in broad daylight so I can admire her naked body supine atop the sheets before diving head-first between her legs licking my way up her tender thighs approaching magnificent Mons Pubis with my cunt hungry mouth watering with the erogenous eagerness of a horny teen virgin longing to lock lips with a pussy and taste vagina flesh for the first time ever. But I wouldn’t want my intense sense of sexual urgency to spoil the moment of precious pussy passion I feel for her.

So, instead of going down on her tongue in twat right away, I tease my way around her sensual sex slit tracing the curvaceous contours of her pubic mound beneath which a horseshoe of clitoris nerves lay in waiting for my orally attentive tactile stimulus until I sense the first signs of sexual arousal in her genitals engorging as I feel her long labia lips grow swollen against my tongue despite its deliberate distance from her sexy self-lubricating love hole encouraging me to approach her little clit erect and ready for some cunt sucking oral sex fun. I’d commence cunnilingus slowly, though, not wanting her orgasm to cum gushing in my mouth and thus see our erotic enjoyment “cumming” to end all too soon.

[Needless to say, I’ve already worked myself up to a raging erection threatening to cream my jeans at any moment but, alas, my poor phallus, no matter how needy, has no place in my oral sex fantasy cunnilingus scenario today.]

Kissing her cunt whilst aligning my lips laterally with her swollen pussy flaps pouting against my eager oral orifice, I form an O and start sucking the length of her well-lubricated large labia lips into my mouth, relishing the moist, slippery feel of tender pussy meat tickling my throat before sliding my vagina thirsty tongue between her flailing flappy folds for a twat sucking taste of the sweet sexual fluids of the female genitalia and then curling my tongue upward against the underside of her clitoris gently stroking past her pee hole as I withdraw from her extremely wet pussy soaked in vaginal juices as I eagerly drink from the furless cup there but for a parting of her cute cunt flaps.

But, sadly, although I’ve been told I’ve got an unusually long tongue by most lingual standards, I still can’t reach her g-spot with it whilst tongue fucking her. Thus, I’m afraid some pussy fingering must come into play at this point to achieve maximum genital stimulation since a mere clitoral orgasm isn’t quite enough to get her pussy gushing like a more intense vaginal orgasm can. With middle finger against fore-, I penetrate her pussy manually for a g-spot massage whilst sucking her clit and labia lips hard in the female equivalent of a blowjob as her hot wet cunt lips tease my tongue with a taste of things to cum.

Within minutes, her beautiful nude body goes rigid as she begins bucking her hips forcing her groin in my face ever harder as I strain to maintain suction under the now frantic sexual circumstances. It’s hard but, at last, my oral sex persistence pays off as I feel her cunt gushing vagina juice into my girl cum hungry mouth swallowing every last drop of sex her cumshot has to give me. Withdrawing my digits after feeling the finger crushing force of the strong vaginal contractions from her orgasm subside, I keep my lips locked around her pussy flaps just to feel her labia erection go flaccid and limp inside me.

And that’s it save for the clean-up (so she doesn’t go around calling me a cunt face for the rest of the day) since I get more pleasure out of giving an orgasm as masturbation provider than receiving one myself. However, I fear my sloppy cunnilingus dreams may remain unrequited for a while until we’re once again able to manage some alone time together as a couple. *sigh* Blimey, is there anything sadder than a porn blogger and writer of erotica going through a dry spell, sexually speaking? Right, then, I’ll stop whinging now and get back to the pussy blog – promise.

Anyway, sexual self-pity over my going crazy for cunnilingus cravings aside, let’s let our pretty pair of teenage lesbians from the sexy shaven muff diving photo above – Abigail H. and Mia from TheLifeErotic – further tempt and tease and drive me wild with desire for pussy licking through even more rug munching photos and videos of sexy teen lesbian lust loveliness! Ah, but there’s more than just cunnilingus on the cards for our cunt-loving couple of naked teen girls licking each other out and from head to toe with tit-sucking and analingus action thrown in for good mutual masturbation measure before settling in for a sweet taste of pussy fingering her asshole and licking her clit for simultaneous sexual arousal to orgasm of the oral sex variety (and don’t they have some pretty big pussy lips for girls as young looking as they?) in these nude teen cunnilingus lesbian photos & videos from

Teenage Lesbian Cunnilingus Photos from The Life Erotic

Teen Lesbian Cunnilingus Photos from

Teenage Lesbian Cunnilingus Videos from The Life Erotic

Teen Lesbian Cunnilingus Videos from


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