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Cute Cunt from a Kafka-esque Perspective

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I had a Kafka-esque moment prowling for pussy at Watch4Beauty today. You know Franz Kafka classic The Metamorphosis wherein its leading literary character wakes up in bed one morning only to find himself inexplicably transformed into a cockroach (well, the original Die Verwandlung renders it as a “monstrous vermin”, but subsequent translations have been turning him into a cockroach ever since) and ends up spending much of his time hiding under the couch for fear of being stepped on? When I saw the following photo of stunning busty nubile nude Nessa naked in her stiletto heels lifting her lithesome leg as if to stomp on us from the Kafka cockroach perspective…

Beautiful naked girl with big tits and a smooth pussy from below stepping on you with stiletto heels from the Kafka cockroach perspective with busty nubile nude Nessa from

…I suddenly suffered said literary flashback. But what a way to go, eh? Seeing that stunningly smooth and sexy pussy topped off with big boobs from below would be a welcome sight despite the imminent demise of my voyeuristic insect incarnation! I’d best stop here, though, as my beautiful nude girl in stiletto heels cockroach stomping fantasy is nigh on in danger of getting too kinky and perverted for even this porn blog so, instead, let’s close with more of lovely busty Nessa and her luxuriously smooth vulva in some different and decidedly less threatening pussy perspectives from

Nessa from



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Hairy Pussy Preference – Pubic Hair or Bare?

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I’ve got a furry muff question for you all today as prompted by a complaint left as a comment on my small but perfectly formed blog. In it, MyVaginaSite visitor King Yule wrote, “What’s with all the bald pussy? Who wants to look at that? It’s like looking at a little girl’s pussy. I love a hairy pussy but this site only posts bald. Bye now!”

Well, King Yule, it all comes down to personal pussy preference as I generally don’t pay all that much attention to girls unless I can see their genitalia in all their nude glory, and a naked pussy with pubic hair obscuring the finer points of the female genitalia is, imho, a spoiled view. I’m talking about porn girls, of course, as it’s only on rare occasions in real life that I get to see a girl’s genitals before we’ve progressed to the point of… um… “getting intimate” but, even then, I’d rather not find myself inadvertently flossing my teeth with her pubes should we engage ourselves in any cunnilingual combinatorics.

That said, I did find one girl with a hairy pussy sexy recently, so maybe this finds fluffy twat tides turning in favour of a more natural pussy appearance. That, and I can certainly appreciate there are many guys like yourself who prefer their porn girls with pubic hair – although I can’t help but wonder if it’s the present lack of pubic hair in porn that feeds the hairy pussy fetish in the first place?

However, that’s not for me to decide; it’s up to you, dear readers: So, should we feature more hairy pussies on the twat blog? Or wave goodbye to pubic hair on hirsute girls’ genitals forever (as genitally hirsute hairy pussy honey Giuno appears to be doing in the last fuzzy muff photo below)? If you’ve got an opinion on the vulva hair or bare issue, please post a comment after having a good genital gander at our hairy pussy poster girl Giuno A from

Hairy Pussy teen Giuno A from


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Sara Jaymes Nude in the Sexiest Pussy Flash Ever

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Remember my Sara Jaymes blog (you should, as it’s the last pussy blog I’d posted here) wherein I mentioned being tempted to sign-up to a porn site based purely upon the sensual and seductive strength of one ultra-sexy photo alone? Well, needless to say…

Perfect Pussy Flashing Pose of Genital Perfection from Second Sexiest Girl in the World Sara Jaymes at

( note: perfect pussy flashing photo courtesy of ALSscan )

…I’ve done it! Yes, I’ve become a full member of ALSscan for one sexy nude photo alone. And I am happy for it. Thrilled to the point of spontaneous orgasm, in fact, as this one naked pussy presenting pose elevates Sara James to the esteemed status of second sexiest girl in the world (imho, at least). My only regret is that I’m not allowed to show you the full 3727×2480 ultra high resolution photo from the site since I’m bound by their promotional rules and regulations only to show preview size pics. If I could, you’d be able to zoom in on her pretty pussy with its spread labia lips moist and inviting as engorged genitals glistening with sexual arousal or her sweet smile with those sexy braces on her teeth and wank away until the wires were wet with the jizz of your junk (of course, you’d have to wipe the cum off your masturbation monitor afterwards).

I was also most pleased to see that super sexy Sara Jaymes didn’t have little labia lips in the least (pah, I should have realised I was looking at a sodding tiny thumbnail before)! Instead, I would be wont to judge the magnificent meat-flaps of her female genitalia to be medium-sized, halfway between large labia lips and small labia lips on the genital spectrum. She’s got a really cute clit as well, her parted pussy flaps fanning out from beneath her clitoral hood like a pair of succulent beef curtains adorning the fleshy pink vestibule of her adorable wet vagina as a pussy poised for entry and, based upon the vaginal juices visibly soaking her vulva and tender inner thighs right up to the bottom of her sweet ass cheeks, it’s easy to cum to the conclusion that this tempting blond teen was masturbating shortly before this photo was taken!

This truly represents a dramatic departure for me, as I’ve never found tiny teen girls with small tits attractive before. Granted, girls with braces are sexy regardless of their other anatomical attributes, but ever since my own tender teens I’ve always invariably been more sexually attracted to bigger girls because they had the biggest breasts amongst the horny high school girls who were my classmates. And, yet, this stunningly beautiful but boobless blond teen with no tits to speak of has somehow captured my most likely unwanted sexual attention (agter all, I’m just a dirty old man, remember?) and, quite frankly, I’m worried. Then again, Sara Jaymes is well-endowed down below, so I could easily imagine myself lavishing lingual attention upon her most gorgeous genitals face to flaps with that perfect naked pussy with no boobs to block my view of her sexy braces smile lips parted in a highly erotic expression of ecstasy (alas, but to dream). *sigh*

Anyway, although I find the Sara Jaymes naked pussy posing photo above more than enough hyper-erotic enticement to join ALSscan with impunity for the sake of obtaining the super high-resolution version of that one photo alone, other female genitalia lovers amongst you might not find a nude girl sitting on a chair with her legs spread and one foot propped up on the cushion in such a way that her exposed genitals scream “come and get it!” to be the sexiest pussy flashing pose of all time. And so, here are a few more preview-sized photos of super sexy Sara Jaymes from

Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy shaved and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from    Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy shaved and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from    Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy shaved and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from

Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy shaved and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from    Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy shaved and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from    Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy shaved and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from

Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy fingering and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from    Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy tasting and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from    Sara Jaymes - Small tits teen nude pussy spreading and a sexy smile with braces on her teeth in naughty naked photos from

(actual hi-res photos available for download from the site average 3800×2500 resolution)


Sara Jaymes Sexy Ass Naked at


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Sara Jaymes – Small but Perfectly Formed Pussy Lips

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Just a quickie but, had you told me I’d find a girl with small tits and a petite pussy sexy, I’d have told you you were crazy. Until now, that is, because I’ve just come across new model Sara Jaymes at ALS Scan

Sara Jaymes at    Sara Jaymes at    Sara Jaymes at

( note: Sara Jaymes photos courtesy of ALSScan )

…now, I’ve only blogged ALSscan once before, and that was just because My Vagina Site’s pussy covergirl appeared there. Ever since then, I’ve received regular e-mails from them promoting new pussy models at the site. This time, despite the featured female being a sexy blond teen with no tits to speak of, I felt compelled to click to see her cunt – coming face to face with ultra high-resolution photos of of what to my mind was no less than a sexy teenage genital goddess!

So what was it about this somewhat boobless teen beauty with small labia lips that set my heart aflutter? Little pussy lips generally genitally hold no sexual allure for me whatsoever but, where sexy Sara Jaymes was concerned, looking at her little labia lips sticking out of her cute clit hood like two tiny tongues erotically embraced in a genital hug brought the old adage “small but perfectly formed” to mind which, although usually used to describe small boobs as a rule, seemed to fit her tiny teen genitals to a tee. Oh, but to merge those adorably attractive twin tongues with my own cunning lingus! Then again, it could’ve been her sexy metal mouth turning me on even moreso than her tidy teen twat since teenage girls with braces have been a major turn on since my own teens (which, admittedly, sounds a bit perverse now that I’m well into my dirty old man days).

And, go figure, all of this unexpected sexual attraction occurred even before I saw the one photo of Sara Jaymes that is the irresistibly sexy stuff of my female genitalia fantasy. Granted, it was only a tiny thumbnail of Sara Jaymes nude in a chair with one of her slender legs propped up presenting her pussy in a pose reminiscent of a save for the stiletto heels naked version of my favorite pussy flashing photo of all time but, amusingly, I was just talking about how it only takes one hyper-erotic photo to get me hot and horny enough to sign up for membership to a porn site based purely upon its solo lascivious virtue over on MyBoobSite! Here’s my hands down (in my crotch) all-time favorite clothed pussy flashing pic side-by-side with Sara Jaymes’ fully nude doppleganger shot to show you what I’m talking about…

Sara Jaymes at    Pussy Flashing Photos at My Vagina Site

…and now I must merely apologise as that’s all I’ve got for you since I’m still waiting on galleries for the eight photo sets and HD video Sara Jaymes had shot for the site so far. But rest assured that, as soon as I get them, you’ll be the second to know! ;~)


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